About Me

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My name is Edgar Y. Walker, and I’m a computational neuroscientist and machine learning researcher. I have completed my PhD in Neuroscience from Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in June 2019 with Dr. Andreas Tolias at BCM and Dr. Wei Ji Ma at New York University as my advisors. Since July 2019, I’m a post-doctoral fellow working with Dr. Fabian Sinz at University Tübingen. I’m primarily located in AI Research Center at University Tübingen.

I’m interested in understanding how a population of cortical neurons represent sensory stimuli and subsequently perform computations across multiple brains areas to arrive at decisions under uncertainty. In my research, I combine large scale population recordings, complex behavior particularly under decision-making context with advanced machine learning (especially deep neural networks, DNN) based analyses to understand how sensory information is represented and transformed across brain areas, realizing probabilistic computation. Please refer to Research (coming very soon) section of the website for highlights of some of my recent research.

I take great passion in teaching and mentoring, with extensive teaching experience throughout my career. I organize and teach many workshops both within and outside of lab settings. You will find more details about my teaching experience, past and upcoming workshops, as well as links to my past workshop course materials and video recordings under Teaching section of this website.

Modern day research is highly driven by advent and utilization of new technologies, particularly in analyzing large population data. I enjoy exploring and learning new software technologies, and readily engage in developing new machine-learning tools and open-source software that power my research. A list of open-source software projects and code repositories can be found under Development section. Among these, I’m one of the core-developer for DataJoint, an open-source framework for developing and executing scientific data pipelines, and a founder of Vathes LLC/DataJoint NEURO that provides support and development around DataJoint.

Random Facts

I love dogs and dogs love me.
I'm always up for trying new tea/coffee shops and quiet bars.
I was born and raised in Japan until I moved to the USA at age 17. Japanese is my first language.

Hobbies: Making tea / shopping for cool bracelets and smokey, woody fragrances / teaching dogs new tricks
Interests: Pens / mechanical watches / motorcycle / mystery novels / jazz / onsen