tl;dr I take great passion and pride in teaching, and I have spent well over 15 years of my life tutoring others in numerous subjects. I have over 20 years of experience in programming, and I program every day for my research (and non-research) in numerous programming languages, but particularly in Python and MATLAB.

Teaching Experience

Teaching has been one of my greatest passion throughout my academic training and career. I started tutoring back in 10th grade in high school, teaching calculus and chemistry to college students. In college, I studied biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science during undergrad. During my time there, I have devoted well over 15 hours/week as paid tutor covering courses in math (e.g. Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations), engineering (e.g. Quantitative Physiology, Biophysics, Principles of Electromagnetics, Signals and Systems, Control Theory), biology, chemistry, and of course, computer science (e.g. Introduction to Computer Science, Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures, Numerical Analysis). I have also served as the head TA for courses including Introduction to Computer Science, Quantitative Physiology, and Genetics, organizing and leading TA office hours, assignment grading, and TA review sessions. At BCM, I have been a TA for the neuroanatomy course and the human gross anatomy course for medical school for 3 years. I has also organized multiple workshops covering scientific computing tools and technologies including Python, Jupyter Notebook, Git, Docker, and DataJoint. I have also organized and led study groups on linear dynamics systems and probabilistic graphical models.

Teaching History


(2019) Invited lecture on “Data management and reproducible science” as part of Computational Neuroscience course in University Tübingen

(2018) Workshop “Introduction to Scientific Computations in Python for Neuroscientists” (Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Neuroscience)

  • As a student, organized and taught a one month workshop (total of eight 90-min sessions), for fellow graduate students and postdocs (15-20 attendees throughout) in the department of neuroscience
  • Course material and video recordings of lectures have been made available at https://github.com/edgarsguide/python-neuro2018

(2017) NeuroNex DataJoint Workshop

Teaching Assistant

(2013-2016) Neuro-anatomy of Human Brain (BCM Medical School)

(2013-2015) Human Gross Anatomy (BCM Medical School)

(2009) Quantitative Physiology I and II (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis)

(2008-2009) Electromagnetics (Department of Electrical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis)

(2007-2008) Computer Science I (Department of Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis)


(2006-2009) Engineering Peer Tutor: tutoring various engineering subjects (Washington University in St. Louis)

(2006-2009) Cornerstone Peer Tutor: tutoring subjects including but not limited to physics, biology and chemistry. (Washington University in St. Louis)